No Classes July 26th - Aug 4th. Mr. & Mrs. Stephens will be attending World Championships for Ma'am's 6th Degree Test.
Don't forget to practice, classes resume Aug 5th.


Aug 26th -28th
Schedule to come closer to testing

Testing Schedule

In the meantime, keep training at home!


Next Cycle Information

Please note that we will have added a sparring class for Kids and Teen/Adult classes. These classes are a free addition for anyone who has sparring gear. We have been in contact with Lorain County Public Health and they referred us to the Ohio Department of Health Responsible RestartOhio. We are proud to say we have been abiding by all recommendations and will continue to do so. Please see the document below for more information.

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Rank Material

Click on your belt to see your current material!

ATA Tiger Belts

White and Turtle

Orange, Tiger, Yellow, Cheetah

All tiger belts camo and higher

Teens & Adults

Karate Kid Belts

White, Orange, Yellow

Camo, Green, Purple, and Blue

Brown, Brown Decided, Red, Red Decided

Black Belt Recommended

1st Degree Black Belt

2nd Degree Black Belt

3rd Degree Black Belt

Green Stripe

Your child's green stripe is always for their "life skill".  We pick one black belt attribute and focus on it for the entire testing cycle. Last cycle the life skill was "Communication". This cycle it is


Upcoming Tournaments!

Tournaments have resumed. If you are interested in competing, please let us know and we can point you in the right direction. Check out the tournament dates below.

For a complete list of ATA Tournament Rules,               


Junior Instructors